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The All About Me book is filled up with fun drawing activities for kids that is targeted on emotions, self image, drawing facial features, clothing design and crazy hair play.

Year Designed to suit children of all ages, this collection of templates can be used for lesson planning at the beginning or end of the school.

The exactly about Me templates invite children to engage in various art and craft techniques; keeping the process fun and exciting!

Suggested Art and Craft Materials:

These printable All About Me pages may be completed with as low as a pencil that is single with every item of one’s Arty Crafty Kids craft box; making this activity pack the most wonderful resource for the classroom as well as home!

A few >Pencil / Colouring Pencils
Felt Tipped Pens
Watercolour Paint
Ready-Mix Paint
Chalk / Chalk Pastels
White & Black Card Stock
Coloured and Patterned Paper
Googley Eyes
Buttons, Sequins & Loose Parts
Play Dough

Exactly About Me Book:

The All about me Book’ or used as individual pages about me printable pages can be downloaded from the Arty Crafty Kids Members Area and assembled to create a complete ‘All.

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If you are printing these pages onto white card stock (recommended if children are utilising paint), make every effort to look at the printer settings for a suggested card stock weight – most printers like the card to weigh below 160gsm.

Simple tips to utilize the All About Me Book with different age groups:

The exactly about Me Book could be adapted for the use of children of all of the ages, from Preschoolers and Pre-K, to Kindergarten and Early Years Foundation Years, to First Grade and beyond. Read the rest of this entry »

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Into the ‘Discussion and Summary’ section, you need to interpret and depict the noteworthiness and need for your discoveries because they relate solely to the extensive research concerns and outcomes. Additionally, you will need to mention and make clear any brand new understanding or efforts your research brings into the issue you have got analyzed. Read the rest of this entry »

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How to Allow Kids Manage Sleep, Coursework and Window screens

In the side effect of a large New E Read the rest of this entry »